“to: God, From: Nailah” (2019)

this is was my final project for a course called Race, Class, and Girlhood. the piece explores the intersections of my own girlhood and understanding sexuality as they have been informed by some of the most defining layers of my life: Christianity, my Blackness, and the Internet.

with the sexualization of Black girls starting at age five, to growing up and being called “fast” when they express normal adolescent behaviors, to being ignored when they are preyed upon ( #MuteRKelly ), and with racism and sexism playing huge roles in the history of the Black church and Christianity in general, it can be very hard for Christian Black girls and women to feel like Jesus loves them too.

this is digital work made to mimic my own desktop, a compilation of my thoughts and feelings as i am growing into womanhood, including references to pornography and how that informs the youth of the Internet generations that have been guarded from important information about sexuality.

i am a sucker for detail, so along with a few lil screenshots, all of the icons, buttons, logos, etc. were made from scratch. this includes the “.png” of my signature.


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