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contact me: nailah@nailah.online
resume is available upon request.

My name is Nailah (pronounced “nah-lah”).
I’m a digital media artist, lover of cyberspace, the mind behind Trapfuturism™... all of the above and more.

I’m currently freelance, and a recent graduate of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), where I received degrees in Graphic Design and Computation, Tech + Culture.  

My inspirations include Internet culture (especially as relates to Black pop culture), the online world as a whole, and the aesthetics + possibilities of our future as humans in the digital age.

With experience and studies in the realm of brand identity and social media graphics, I have most recently ventured into the realm of creative coding and web design.

Moving forward, I’m passionate about creating space for and contributing to the spaces made within digital-virtual worlds for underrepresented communities.

Feel free to reach out in my DM’s or by email to chat.


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