My name is Nailah (pronounced “nah-lah”, silent ‘i’).

In short: I am a digital media artist, lover of cyberspace, and the mind behind Trapfuturism™. I am currently freelance, and based on my home planet of Chicago, IL.

My creative practice is endlessly inspired by Internet culture (especially as relates to Black pop culture), hip hop, sci-fi, and the aesthetics + possibilities of the electronic future.

In 2021 I graduated from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), where I received degrees in both Graphic Design and Computation, Tech + Culture. Most of my experience and studies focus on digital brand identity and arts + tech program coordination, but I am growing in the areas of web design and creative coding.

Overall, my creative practice focuses on creating, holding, and amplifying space for underrepresented communities within the digital-virtual world and beyond.

For more information on my practice or to request my services, feel free to reach out in my DM’s or by email ( .

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