I GLO’D UP (2023)

I'm from another planet, what I'm doing here?
I ain't been to my home planet in six years
I know they be lookin' for me like, "Damn, Sosa a Don!"

You don't know how it feel to lose all of yo' niggas
It's just one thing you want
Is one more time, to cruise with all your niggas…

_Chief Keef, “Woosah”

Chief Keef is notorious for being a forefather of the drill genre of hip hop. His career took off when he was only a teenager, recounting the lifestyle he lived and survived, and is now internationally renowned as either a legend or the worst example of Chicago and the Black community. Many people have ruled him out and left it at that. What they don’t see is the new world that opened up when Keef left behind his life of trauma and violence in Chicago and took the virtual world by storm.

The 26-year-old rapper now resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he lives out a lifestyle he couldn’t have in his childhood: pouring into his music career (a different sound and feel from his Chicago days) and video gaming. Not only does his home look like a modern arcade-art museum hybrid, but he runs a video gaming team called “Glo Navy Gaming”, created his own game for PlayStation 4, hosted gaming tournaments in California, and is a brand ambassador for XBox. He’s made so much of a name (and living) for himself in the gaming world, he could retire from music completely.

He is an inspiration to many– imagine the same possibilities for people like him. People in the Hood. Technology is at our fingertips, and once the Hood gets the access and knowledge on how to further themselves and establish positive legacies with it, there’s no stopping us. This is Trapfuturism™.

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